Specialist and Professional Licensing

Effective January 1, 2013 applicants for initial licensure with DOH in Florida are required to submit fingerprints for a criminal history background check electronically via Livescan service provider, such as IDENTICO, for the purpose of conducting a search for any Florida and national criminal history records that may pertain to applicant. The results of the search will be returned to the Care Provider Background Screening Clearinghouse and made available to the FLDOH for consideration during the licensure process. The fingerprints submitted by the applicant will be retained by FDLE and the Clearinghouse. All costs for conducting a criminal history background screening are borne by the applicant.


Our “No Appointment Required” office is located at 3948 Pembroke Road, Suite E, Pembroke Park, FL, 33021, or please feel free to request a quote for Mobile Fingerprinting Services and we will come to you. Cost of screening is only $80 / submission, includes photo submission, for


ORI number for the Fingerprinting for Hearing Aid Specialty is EDOH4590Z


ORI number for the Fingerprinting for Athletic Training Specialty is EDOH4520Z


ORI number for the Fingerprinting for Dietetics and Nutrition RD Licensing is EDOH4570Z


ORI number for the Fingerprinting for Naturopath Profession Licensing is EDOH4630Z


ORI number for the Fingerprinting for Electrolysis Profession Licensing is EDOH4580Z


ORI number for the Fingerprinting for Medical Physicist Profession Licensing is EDOH4610Z


ORI number for the Fingerprinting for Nursing Home Administrator Licensing is EDOH4640Z


Please be advised that you must provide accurate demographic information to the Livescan service provider at the time your fingerprints are taken, including your Social Security number (SSN); For additional information on the submission of fingerprints please contact us today at (954) 239-8590 or (888) 988-8969