Legal Name Change Fingerprinting

Florida County Courts have jurisdiction to change the name of any petitioning person residing in the county in which he or she resides. Before the court hearing on a petition for a name change, the petitioner must have fingerprints submitted for a state and national criminal history records check, except if a former name is being restored.


IDENTICO helps Legal Name Change petitioners in South Florida's tri-county areas. Fingerprints are submitted electronically to FDLE for state processing and to FBI for national processingfor a criminal history records check. The court receives and considers the background screening results, reviews the information contained in the petition and evaluates whether to grant the petition. The outcome of the petition may depend on existence of certain criminal offenses from background screening report, residency and marital status, prior name change and employment history, bankruptcy or monetary judgment history, and other legal reasons. The clerk of the court , within 5 business days after the filing of the final judgment, sends a name change report of the judgment to the Department of Law Enforcement, and that report is subsqeuntly shared with Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles what creates legal grounds for petitioner to change his or her name on state identification and other legal documents.


The cost of Live Scan Fingerprint processing and conducting the state and national criminal history records check for legal name change purposes is only $54.25/petitioner and is payable by the petitioner as a charge seperate to court or legal fees.  Our “No Appointment Required” office is located at 3948 Pembroke Road, Suite E, Pembroke Park, FL, 33021Please bring two forms of state or federal photo ID, and if available the case number issued by courthouse. We’ll handle the rest and submit your fingerprints so courthouses receive the results in less than 24 hours in most cases. Please feel free to contact us today for additional information or the quote for our mobile fingerprinting services, by calling (954) 239-8590 and toll free (888) 988-8969.


Name Change is a legal process and we recommend you to receive a legal advice from a licenses counselor.