Medicaid Provider Enrollment Fingerprinting

Current cost of Medicaid Provider Background Screening at our office is still $54.25 per applicant to ORI# FL922013ZThe Agency for Health Care Administration has announced that Medicaid Provider Enrollment will be boarded with Background Screening Clearinghouse on March 1, 2015 and made IDENTICO aware of the following:


• The old Medicaid Provider Enrollment ORI (FL922013Z) will be turned off and any submissions under that number will receive an error and not be processed by FDLE.

• Any TCR number under ORI FL922013Z will no longer be valid and the fingerprint processes will need to be restarted.

• The new Medicaid Provider Enrollment ORI will be EAHCA013Z; this new ORI is for retained prints.  All submissions for Medicaid Provider Enrollment must be made under that ORI, meaning all prints will now be retained regardless if an individual does not want to participate in the Clearinghouse.


The cost of screening to a new ORI# EAHCA013Z will be increased to $80 and that would include a photo submission along with FDLE fingerprint retention cost. 


Our office located at 3948 Pembroke Road, Suite E, Pembroke Park, FL, 33021Medicaid Provider Enrollment screening requires two forms of picture ID and credit card or cash payment from applicant. Mobile Fingerprinting Services are Available at your healthcare facilities throughout Miami-Dade, Broward and Palm Beach Counties. 


We are fully photo capable to submit your pictures to Background Screening Clearinghouse.


We receive numerous inquiries from Mediciad providers throughout the Florida, with complex question about screening. For more information please visit Florida Medicaid Provide Enrollment  website or visit our Blog for new legislative updates in regards to background screening in State of Florida. Feel free to call us today at (954) 239-8590 and (888) 988-8969 to request more information or the quote for our services.