AHCA Background Screening

Amendments to the Florida law, effective from August 1st, 2010, changed the background screening and hiring process for service providers regulated and licensed by the AHCA. At early stages of law implementation, IDENTICO pioneered “No Appointment is Required” office schedule, so applicants can visit us during regular business hours, be served efficiently, pay at the delivery and start their employment in 24-48 hours, as soon as screening results are available on AHCA Background Screening Results Website.


In early 2011, our successful operations were amended with high demand Mobile Fingerprinting Services. It permitted us to provide Electronic Fingerprinting and Level 2 Background Screening services to companies and individuals throughout Broward, Miami and Palm Beach Counties. We implemented policies under which travel fees are waived if group consists of more than 10 applicants at single location. Relatively smaller groups are served reasonable with travel fees being at $50-$90/ location price range.


Cost of AHCA Background Screening at our office located at 3948 Pembroke Road, Suite E, Pembroke Park, FL, 33021 is only $80.00 per applicant to ORI# EAHCA020Z, includes FDLE fingerprint retention fee.


We are fully photo capable to submit your pictures to AHCA’s Background Screening Clearinghouse.


and it requires two forms of picture ID and credit card or cash payment from applicant. Processing is extremely fast, due to immediate submission of records to FDLE and FBI, so AHCA Background Screening Unit may receive both statewide and nationwide screening results within 24-48 hours after submission.


Since January 2011, we electronically fingerprinted more than 5,000 applicants on-site. Among them, reputable nursing homes, assisted living facilities, hospitals, municipalities, private clinics andMedicaid Providersrequired to undergo re-enrollment screening. Our rate of first set rejection due to poor quality of Applicant’s fingerprints is lower than 5%. All technicians are trained and well qualified to conduct screening process with respect, professionalism and confidentiality to applicant’s personal information. Our Live Scan Fingerprintingunits are regularly calibrated in order for our fingerprinting technicians to obtain best quality fingerprints possible from each applicant.


We receive numerous inquiries from healthcare providers throughout the Florida, with complex question about screening. For more information please visitAHCA Backgroung Screening website or visit our Blog for new legislative updates in regards to background screening in State of Florida. Feel free to call us today at (954) 239-8590 and (888) 988-8969 to request more information or the quote for our services.