AHCA Clearinghouse

The Agency for Health Care Administration (AHCA) has updated IDENTICO with a current list of all Clearinghouse ORI numbers as follows. Any submissions under the new ORIs is  accompanied by a photograph of the individuals screened entered into the Clearinghouse; The Photo Submission to AHCA Clearinghouse is made via IDENTICO's AHCASOFT web service

CLH ORI Agency Profession Price
EAHCA020Z AHCA All $80.00
EAHCA013Z Medicaid Provider Enrollment All $80.00
EAHCA790Z Managed Care All $80.00
EDOEVR100 Vocational Rehabilitation Vendor Registration Employee $80.00
VDOEVR100 Vocational Rehabilitation Vendor Registration Volunteer $73.00
EDOEVR200 Vocational Rehabilitation Independent Living Employee $80.00
VDOEVR200 Vocational Rehabilitation Independent Living Volunteer $73.00
EDOH0380Z DOH *Certified Nursing Assistant by Exam $80.00
EDOH2014Z DOH *Physician/Medical Doctor $80.00
EDOH2015Z DOH *Osteopathic Physician $80.00
EDOH2016Z DOH *Chiropractic Physician $80.00
EDOH2017Z DOH *Podiatric Physician $80.00
EDOH2550Z DOH *RN/LPN by Exam – Initial $80.00
EDOH3451Z DOH *Orthotist & Prosthetist $80.00
EDOH4400Z DOH C.N.A by Reciprocity $80.00
EDOH4410Z DOH LPN by Endorsement $80.00
EDOH4420Z DOH RN by Endorsement $80.00
EDOH4500Z DOH Acupuncture $80.00
EDOH4510Z DOH Anestesiologist Assistant $80.00
EDOH4520Z DOH Athletic Training $80.00
EDOH4530Z DOH Clinical Lab Personnel $80.00
EDOH4540Z DOH Clinical Nurse Specialist $80.00
EDOH4550Z DOH Clinical Social Work, Marriage & Family, Mental Health Counseling $80.00
EDOH4560Z DOH Dentistry $80.00
EDOH4570Z DOH Dietetics/Nutrition $80.00
EDOH4580Z DOH Electrolysis $80.00
EDOH4590Z DOH Hearing Aid Specialist $80.00
EDOH4600Z DOH Massage Therapy $80.00
EDOH4610Z DOH Medical Physicist $80.00
EDOH4620Z DOH Midwifery $80.00
EDOH4630Z DOH Naturopath $80.00
EDOH4640Z DOH Nursing Home Administrator $80.00
EDOH4650Z DOH Occupational Therapy $80.00
EDOH4660Z DOH Opticianry $80.00
EDOH4670Z DOH Optometry $80.00
EDOH4680Z DOH Pharmacist $80.00
EDOH4690Z DOH Physical Therapy $80.00
EDOH4700Z DOH Physician Assistant $80.00
EDOH4710Z DOH Psychology $80.00
EDOH4720Z DOH Respiratory Care $80.00
EDOH4730Z DOH School Psychology $80.00
EDOH4740Z DOH Speech/Language Pathology $80.00


We receive numerous inquiries from healthcare providers throughout the Florida, with complex question about screening. For more information please visit AHCA Backgroung Screening website or visit our Blog for new legislative updates in regards to background screening in State of Florida. Feel free to call us today at (954) 239-8590 and (888) 988-8969 to request more information or the quote for our services.