Consider Mobile Drug Testing

IDENTICO ‘s Mobile Drug Testing is a modern and innovative concept, which was introduced with intent to help our clients with inconvenience associated with sending employees, and potential employees, away from their workplace. Our mobile drug screening services are provided in our specially equipped and highly secured Mobile Drug Testing Vehicle.


The testing is carried on your site so that businesses benefit from not having to pay additional costs for traveling and other associated expenses.We follow DOT’s requirement for Collection Site Security and Integrity, restroom is dedicated to the collection event and private from general public access.


Our mobile drug testing and breath alcohol screening services bring the factor of unexpectedness to drug abusers in workplaces. There is no time or a chance to prepare for test adulteration, masking or manipulation with facts that donor faces in extremely short notice. Unwarned drug screening sessions will increase employees alertness, improves productivity rates and decreases injuries due to accidents at work.


IDENTICO provides on-site or mobile drug test collection services at your facility almost anywhere in South Florida. Our collectors are SAMHSA certified and trained to collect urine, hair, oral fluid and breath alcohol tests. IDENTICO will coordinate and manage the entire program and save you time and money along the way. IDENTICO manages your entire program from start to finish and includes the coordination of supplies, date, time and location, anticipated number of collections, anticipated staff needs, and any additional criteria needed.


Advantages Of On-Site And Mobile Testing


  • Save time and money through limited down-time
  • On-site testing done conveniently at your location
  • Perfect for mass hiring needs
  • Cost-effective for remote locations
  • Critical for post-accident needs


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