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From: BGS_SUPPORT [mailto:BGS_SUPPORT@ahca.myflorida.com] Sent: Monday, July 06, 2015 10:24 AM Subject: **IMPORTANT NOTICE** Clearinghouse ORI for Department of Children and Families – July 5, 2015 – ACTIVE   Good Morning Livescan Vendors and Providers:   Thank you for working with the Agency for Health Care Administration to provide Clearinghouse compliant fingerprint services to specified agency […]

Thank you for working with the IDENTICO to provide Clearinghouse compliant fingerprint services to specified agency providers and applicants in the Clearinghouse.  This email is to provide advance notice to our clients of new Clearinghouse ORIs for Florida Medicaid. Medicaid will be on boarded to the Clearinghouse on March 1, 2015. The new Florida Medicaid ORI […]

Dear, AHCA & DCF Providers.   Beginning August 1, 2010 new law will require background screening of job applicants, employees and volunteers who come in contact with children, the developmentally disabled and vulnerable adults.   The most significant change in the law for AHCA& DCF providers is that applicants will not be allowed to begin […]

First of all, let’s give some clarification on who are the Home medical equipment providers in Florida and why do they need AHCA Background Screening?   “Home medical equipment” includes any product as defined by the Federal Drug Administration’s Drugs, Devices and Cosmetics Act, any products reimbursed under the Medicare Part B Durable Medical Equipment […]

“Who are the Adult Day Care Centers in Florida” and why do they need AHCA Background Screening?   “Adult day care center” means any building, buildings, or part of a building, whether operated for profit or not, in which is provided through its ownership or management, for a part of a day, basic services to […]

We come to your office location, take your prints, and electronically submit them to whichever agency you need it sent to; whether it be AHCA, DCF, APD…

408.809 Background screening; prohibited offenses.—   (1) Level 2 background screening pursuant to chapter 435 must be conducted through the agency on each of the following persons, who are considered employees for the purposes of conducting screening under chapter 435:   (a) The licensee, if an individual. (b) The administrator or a similarly titled person who is responsible for […]

The Medicaid Provider Re-enrollment Application Packet consists of:   • A Florida Medicaid Provider Reenrollment Application • A Medicaid Provider Agreement • Fingerprint Cards (or proof of exemption from fingerprinting) In addition, applicants should attach any supporting documentation necessary to show proof of valid licensure, ownership of a tax id, a name change, change in […]

The Level 2 Background Screening for Employee Leasing Companies is required by F.S. 468.525(2)(a) and F.S. 468.524(4)(c).   “Employee leasing” means an arrangement whereby a leasing company assigns its employees to a client and allocates the direction of and control over the leased employees between the leasing company and the client. Along with few other […]

DEPARTMENT OF ELDER AFFAIRS Emergency Rule No.: RULE TITLE 58ER10-2: Background Screening Requirements.   SPECIFIC REASONS FOR FINDING AN IMMEDIATE DANGER TO THE PUBLIC HEALTH, SAFETY OR WELFARE:   The Florida Legislature passed Chapter 2010-114, Laws of Florida (L.O.F.), during the 2010 legislative session. This new law requires that effective August 1, 2010, all individuals […]

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